SEG Frame LX 09
SEG Frame LX 09
SEG Frame LX 09

SEG Frame LX 09


spec.png Specifications:

SEG Frame LX 09

   Dimensions: 20x20x10ft

   Hanging Sign (Optional) 10ft or 12ft


   20ftx20ft booth: $5660
   Doube-sided Printing for all sections
   Weight: 390 pounds


   Backwall with the storage tower
   Wrinkle-resistant fabric,custom graphic print
   ARCH Chating area with two shelves

   1 to 3 TV Support (Monitor is not included)
   Four LED Lights

Options: (not included in the price)

Rectangle Hanging 10ft (double-sided hanging) $1010

Production time
10-12 days plus one day (Assembling your booth and take detailed photos/video)
Payment Term
50% advance payment and 50% on completion
Normally 5 or 6 days delivery, by Fedex
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