Quick Pop up XY-5 30ft

Quick Pop up XY-5 30ft


spec.png Specifications:

Quick Pop up XY-5 30ft

   Backwall :W900 x H230 x D30cm(354"x90.5"x11.8")
   Tower: 40x120x300cm(15.7"x47.2"x118.1") 
   ARCH: W100 x H230 (39.3“x90.5")


   30ft backwall 
   Wrinkle-resistant fabric
   Tower with TV support
   ARCH with TV support
   Four LED Lights

Options: (not included in the price)

Table-06: $690 optional
Casetopodium: $380 optional

Setup Time
30-40 minutes
5 days production + 3 or 4 days shipping
Free Shipping
Free shipping to United States, Canada
   Four LED Lights Included

Right click to download the templates and edit in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrtor. Send us PDF format, Tif or Jpg,100 or 120 DPI, CMYK colors. 

Template for 30ft backwall

Template for backwall 20ft+10ft

Template for Tower

Template for ARCH

Template for Side-ARCH

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